Choosing the Right Lingerie

Mesh Halter Neck Baby Doll


Lingerie define the inner sexy in you. By revealing and exposing your best parts, it is important that you must choose what lingerie suits you. You must remember never to buy anything that accentuates your problem areas. If you have a problem with some of your body parts, try to find something which can cover or at least flaunt what you've got.


If you are worried about your body size, you should choose darker colors or black lingerie. They have a slimming effect on your body when you wear them and it also has that sexy “bad girl” image which men find appealing. So wearing those kinds of lingerie could have two benefits for you.


For athletic women, there are boy shorts which are made for them. Tall women should go for traditional lingerie, which will show their long and sexy legs. Not all lingerie are the same; so it is best that you know what body type you have and flaunt those in flattering lingerie.






Mastering the Art of Makeup


Foundations and eyeshadows are a lot of fun to use – but get them wrong and it might spell disaster. Being a woman is sometimes difficult because you always need to look your best. Good thing makeup is there to help. But it takes a keen eye and a bit of creativity to utilize these beauty tools. You can't just use any foundation – there are rules! The good news is that, these rules may be bent and even broken, as long as you know the basics.


There are plenty of tutorials and video guides online nowadays. From applying concealer to the artful selection of lipstick; there's a teacher for every beauty problem. The most important thing you need to remember is to appreciate your own beauty. Don't forget: makeup only exists to enhance what's naturally beautiful in you. What you need most is confidence. And that's something no cosmetic in the market can give.


But if you just know the right shade of powder foundation to match your skin tone, plus a sizzling lipstick color to boot – you can do it all! Remember dear vixen, you have everything that it takes to turn heads. So pick your makeup and swipe some eyeliner. Mastering makeup is just a few strokes away!


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Let's Get Ready for a Rave Party!

Rave Wear Apparel

It's anything goes when you go to a rave party. You don't have to put on the pressure when you think about rave clothing. In other words, you can wear anything – if you think those are your best rave clothes, then wear and flaunt it! Now, if you're ready, then let's go clubbing.


Things You'll Need: Rave outfits Nice and comfortable pair of shoes Happy face Getting Dressed at a Rave Party 1. It's all about comfort. Before you put on your rave wear, you need to consider on the comfort. Keep in mind that at club party, you will be spending the night away dancing and having fun with your friends and the people in there.

2. If you are coming to the party with your friends, perhaps, you may want to ask them what they are wearing. This could be a good way to check whether or not your clothes are too much for the night.

3. Wear your best and comfortable pair of shoes. No, it is not shoes day, everyday. You may consider on the design and style, but you have to remember that rave parties keep you dancing all night. So, it is preferred to wear a nice pair of shoes that will match your comfortable dress as well. You may want to wear a multi colored top paired with a multi colored shorts, you can always wear those comfy shoes. Take note: If you are uncomfortable coming to a party on your heels, then, you may want to change your mind and leave them instead. Believe it or not, flats are now considered sexy.

4. In case you may want to grab a bite with your friends on the next morning, wear a rave outfit that will work on a breakfast as well.

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Spring-Clean Your Makeup Kit

You spent hundreds of dollars on your makeup and beauty tools, wouldn't it be a waste not to get the most out of them? Be honest: when was the last time your fan brush was disinfected? The season of Spring isn't just for sprucing up our homes or offices – it's also the perfect time to clean our makeup kits.

Think about how much you use your beauty tools (such as your makeup brushes, tweezers, sponges, and hair brush) and imagine the amount of bacteria, dirt, oils, and dead skin cells on them. If you always put off cleaning them, you end up exposing your skin to all that gunk. This could lead to irritations or break outs. Definitely NOT a good way to begin the year!

Ideally, these tools should be cleaned at least once a week. Not only does this practice keep them fresh, it lengthens their lifespan too. Plus, you will feel the difference as the soft, smooth bristles glide across your skin. So take a few minutes and gather up those makeup tools. Renew them so they can hep you get gorgeous everyday!

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Nothing But Boots This Spring


Spring is the perfect time of the year for all kinds of cute shoes and boots. Whether it's a pair of trusty oxfords, or some comfy sneakers – shoes make our feet look awesome while protecting it from the elements. However, BOOTS by far is the all-time favorite among Spring shoe fanatics.

These days, it's not hard to find amazing boots for women.

You can buy them online at a great deal; OR scour your local shoe stores for a nice bargain. Boots come in all shapes, sizes, and heights. There are thigh-high ones for a dominant flair; ankle booties for an adorable look; and mid-calf boots for every ensemble. Just because it's Spring doesn't mean your favorite pair has to go back in the closet. Not yet! With the right outfit, a few accessories and attitude, you can keep wearing those boots until Summer calls you. Here's how:

  • Spring in some cities is still a chilly season; so pair your awesome boots with skinny jeans, a trench coat, tights, or stockings.

  • Watch your hemline when it comes to skirts! If you're wearing knee-high boots for instance, make sure your skirt doesn't reach the tops.

  • Rain is typical of Spring weather. Although it's okay to wear plastic types, beware of style. Go for a simple, equestrian look instead of childish, gaudy designs. Even better? Try plastic boots in bright colors!

  • When you're wearing your awesome gold booties, keep the rest of your outfit toned down. The key to being trendy – especially with boots – is to choose just one focal point.

  • Don't match your boots to the rest of your ensemble! Plaid boots with a plaid trench is definitely a no-no! Learn to mix and match with flair.

  • Timeless is always chic. When shopping for boots, look for a versatile and sturdy pair you can wear with almost anything in your closet. Opt for neutral colors like black shoe boots or brown suede variants.

  • Afraid that mid-calf boots will weigh you down? On the contrary. If paired with skirts or coats that reach above your knees, they can be really flattering to any woman.

  • Spice up old outfits with boots! Select from a multitude of styles and colors to breathe new life into your wardrobe. From faux fur tops to smooth bright red shades – don't be afraid to experiment!

  • Avoid the monochrome effect! This only applies for your legs (and even then, a little color isn't bad).

  • If you want to show off your pink boots, don't go pink on everything. Black boots on the other hand, look great coupled with black stockings or tights. Just don't do the same thing with your clothes. If you're donning booties with denims, follow this golden rule: just show a bit of skin. Nothing fancy.


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